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Gk of History

1. Name the Muslim leader who become the first Calipha .
Ans: Abu Bakr.
2. Which countries were involved in the Hundred years war.
Ans: France and England.
3. Name the ancient Babylonia emperor who proclaimed a code of law as early as 1800 B.c.
Ans: Hammurabi.
4. Who founded Confucianism?
Ans:  Kung Fu Tsu.
5. What name was given to the Emperor of japan by foreigners?
Ans: The Mikado.
6. Name the civilization that invented arch?
Ans: The Roman.
7. Which great philosopher was executed in 399 B.C.
Ans: Socrates.
8. Who formed the nationalist socialist German worker's party in 1920? By which popular name it was known as?
Ans: Hitler. Nazi party.
9. Name the German statesman remembered as the man of blood and iron.
Ans: Otto Von Bismarck.
10. Africa's longest civil war of 31 years was fought in which country?
Ans: Eritrea.
11. Name the political party that won the first general elections in Bangladesh.
Ans: The Awami League, led by Mujibur rehman, in 1973.
12. Which US president first officially adopted the name 'White House' for his official residence.
Ans: Theodore Roosevelt.
13. Who were the  first to start a joint stock company to trade with India?
Ans: The Dutch.
14. Who succeeded Lenin as the head of soviet Government in 1924?
Ans: Joseph Stalin.
15. Name the Roman conspirator against julius caesar who committed suicide.
Ans: Maecus junius brutus.

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