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Gk of Medley

1. Canberra is the capital of Australia. What does 'Canberra' Mean?
Ans: Canberra Mean a meeting Place.
2. Who succeeded as the U.S President, following Nixon's Resignation?
Ans: Gerald Ford on 9 August 1974.
3.What does 'Gahn-toh' Mean?
Ans: Gahn-Toh Means the hill top.
4. What does ' Fingerling'refer to.
Ans: Fish.
5. Which is first book that tells the story of Abraham?
Ans: The Bible.
6. Which Russian leader used over 150 different names 'during his life?
Ans: Vladimir Ilyich lenin.
7. What was the immediate cause of the second World War?
Ans: Invasion of poland by Adolf hitler.
8. What are the main constituents of pearl?
Ans: Aragonite and Conchiolin.
9. What does 'SENSEX' stand for?
Ans: Sensitivity Index.
10. What do you call the young of 'Rabbit?
Ans: Bunny.
11. What does 'Op.cit.' stand for?
Ans: Opero Citato.
12. What was the nationality of Aladdin, the hero of a tale in the Arabian Nights?
Ans: Chinese.
13. What does 'Venezuela' mean?
Ans: The Little Venice.
14. Who is considered as the youngest ever captain in Test cricket history?
Ans: Tatenda Taibu of Zimbabwe.
15. Name the British whose 99.9% of the body is covered in tattoos.
Ans: Tom Leppard.
16. What is the name of first cloned dog?
Ans: Snuppy, cloned from adult cells by somatic nuclear cell transfer by south korean scientist woo-suk Hwang.
17. Who called Clement Attlee,the prime Minister of British a sheep in sheep's clothing?
Ans: Winston Churchill.
18. Name the Roman emperor whose horse was named Incitatus.
Ans: Caligula Caesar.
19. Algiers is the capital of which African country?
Ans: Algeria.
20. Who is considered the father of philately (stamp collection)?
Ans: Rowland Hill.


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