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Personalities and their Nicknames

1. Name the statesmen who rose from the "log cabin to white house".
Ans: Abraham Lincoln.
2. Who was the successor of Julius Caeser who was the really first Roman emperor.
Ans: Augustus.
3. Which Chinese premier signed the Panchsheel agreement with the Indian PM Jawaharlal Nehru.
Ans: Chou-En-Lai.
4. Which prussian statesman was ruthless and is known as the "Man of Blood and Iron.
Ans: Bismarck.
5. After whose death Elizabeth I become the Queen of England?
Ans: Mary Tudor.
6. Which Czar of Russia was given the subtitle "The Cruel"
Ans: Ivan IV. He was the first Czar of russia.
7. Who was the first president of the United States?
Ans: George Washington.
8. Who was nicknamed the "black pearl?
Ans: Pele.
9. Which Cuban revolutionary and political leader overthrew a police state in 1959?
Ans: Fidel Castro.
10. Which American writer is famous for self improvement manuals?
Ans: Dale Carnegie.
11. Who was the first social democratic Chancellor of the federal Republic of Germany ?
Ans: Willy Brandt.
12. What was the assumed name of francois Marie Arouet?
Ans: Voltaire.
13.Who is regarded as the founder of the modern Italy?
Ans: Giuseppe Garbaldi.
14. Whose another name is Rudrani (according to Hindu mythology).
Ans: Parvati,wife of lord shiva.
15. Name the footballer who was nicknamed "black Panther"?
Ans: Eusabio.
16. The only boxer to retire with an unbeaten record was nicknamed "Brockton Blockbuster ". Name him.Ans: Rocky Marciano.
17. What was the real name of "Homicide Hank" a great boxer?
Ans: Henry Armstrong.
18. Which great tennis player's nickname was "Muscles"?
Ans: Ken Rosewall.
19. Which  Muslim leader become the first Calipha?
Ans: Abu Bakr.
20. Who was the first Education Minister of India?
Ans: Abul kalam Azad.

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