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The National Insignia and Important Days

1. Name the country whose flag only one color-green.
Ans: Libya.
2. Which color are there in the united Nations organisation's flag?
Ans: UN has a blue flag with a white globe and two olive branches on it.
3.When does Cuba celebrate its liberation day?
Ans: 1st January.
4. When does world observe world population Day?
Ans: 11 July.
5.What is the national flag of Britain called?
Ans: The Union Jack.
6. Which country's flag is known as the stars and stripes?
Ans: United States of America.
7. Name the composer of the US national anthem,"The star Spangled Banner".
Ans: Francis Scott key.
8. Rose is the national emblem of which two countries?
Ans: Britain and Iran.
9. What is the name of the parliament of Denmark?
Ans: Folketing.
10. Which Asian country's flag is white charged with rising sun?
11. Normally the red cross flag has a red cross on a white background. But how is it different in Muslim countries?
Ans:In Muslim countries, the red cross flag has a red crescent on white background.
12. Which people traditionally fly a flag of skull and crossbones?
Ans: Sea pirates.
13. The"star of David" can be seen on the flag of which country?
Ans: Israel.
14. The "Gate of heavenly peace" is superimposed on the national flag of which country?
Ans: China.
15. Which two countries have the same national anthem?
Ans: Cape Verde and Guinea Bissau.
16. Which country's flag has a cedar tree on its flag?
Ans: Lebanon.
17. What does a 'white flag' indicate in war?
Ans: Surrender.
18. What is the national emblem of Ivory coast?
Ans: Elephant.
19. Which country's parliament is diet.
Ans: Japan.
20. What is the official book of the french?
Ans: The Yellow Book.

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