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The Royalties, Diplomats and Statesman

1. The pharaohs belonged to which civilization?
Ans: Egypt.
2. When did Hitler become the chancellor of Germany?
Ans: In 1932.
3. Who was the Czar of Russia during 1917 Revolution?
Ans: Nicholas ii .
4. Name the first commoner to wed an English princess in 500 years.
Ans: Antony Armstrong-Jones.
5. Which British queen died of small-pox.
Ans: Mary,Consort of William of Orange.
6. Which Roman emperor's wife and niece were the same person?
Ans: Claudius.
7. Name the emperor who banned the ancient Olympic games leading to its discontinuation.
Ans: Theodosius.
8. Who was the court physician of Kanishka?
Ans: Charaka.
9. Who was the queen of fairies in Shakespeare's "A midsummer night's dream"?
Ans:  Titania.
10. Who is the oldest living royal?
Ans: Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ,the queen mother.
11. Name the Canada's first black governor general elected in sept.,2005.
Ans: Michelle Jean, 48, haltan-born journalist had become the first black Governor-general of Canada.
12. What was the mother tongue of queen Victoria of England?
Ans: German.
13. Name the Capital of Pathan Sur dynasty.
Ans: Sirhind.
14. Which King's horse was named 'Incitatus'?
Ans: Caligula Caeser,the Roman emperor.
15. Which Roman emperor had an Indian cook.
Ans: Prithiviraj Chatham.
16. Who was the last Hindu king of Delhi before the establishment of Muslim rule in India?
Ans: Gwalior.
17. At which battle Rani laxmi bai died fighting the British forces during the mutiny of 1857.
Ans: Rana Kumbha of Mewar.
18. Name the Mongol conqueror who founded the Mongol world empire.
Ans:  Genghis Khan.
19. Who is the only Muslim women to rule from Delhi.
And: Raziyah Sultan.
20. Who was the first chogyal of Sikkim.
Ans: Dhunstok Namgyal.

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