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Explorers and Discoveries

1. Name the French explorer of the 18th century who had an Island a strait and climbing plant named after him.
Ans: Louis Bougainvillea.
2. Which explorer was a pirate,too?
Ans: William Dampier.
3. Which Island are known for Charles Darwin's explorations?
Ans: The Galapagos Island.
4. Name the explorer of Greenland?
Ans:  Eric the Red in 986.
5. Who was first to explore the Sahara Desert.
And: Hugh Clapperton in 1822.
6. Who Discovered the malarial parasite?
Ans: Ronald Ross in 1897.
7. Which Disease's germs were discovered by klebs & Loffer of Germany in 18883-84?
Ans: Diphtheria germs.
8. Who Discovered the leprosy Bacillus in 1873?
Ans: Hansen (Norway)
9. Which English explorer is remembered in the names of Flinders River,Flinders Mountain Range and Flinders Island?
Ans: Mathew Flinders.
10. Name the Norwegian explorer who was first to reach South pole.
Ans: Ronald Amundsen in 1911.
11. Which Italian explorer discovered Newfoundland and Nova scotia?
Ans: John Cabot
12. Which country was discovered by  the portuguese navigator pedro Alvaraz Cabral?
Ans: Brazil.
13. Who discovered the Bahsmas, Cuba and other west Indian Islands:
Ans: Christopher Columbus.He is known as the discoverer of the americas.
14. What was the nationality of captain james cook,who discovered the sandwich Island?
Ans: English.
15. Name the English seaman who in 1577-80 sailed around the world in the "Golden Hind".
Ans:Sir Francis Drake.
16. Who was the first person to fly over Antarctica.
Ans: Lincoln Ellsworth.
17. Who discovered fallopian tubes, Leadind from ovaries to the uterus, in which fertilisation takes place?
Ans: Gabriele Falopio an Italian anatomist.
18. Name the adventurer who in 2002 became the first man to fly a balloon solo around the world?
Ans: Steve Fossett.
19.Name the Scottish missionary and explorer in Africa, who discovered the course of the Zambezi,the Victoria Falls and Lake Nyasa.
Ans: The sea route from western Europe to India.
20. What is the significance of Vasco-da-Gama in the exploration history?
Ans: David Livingstone.

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