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1. Which plant is the source of vanilla essence used in flavoring ice-cream.
Ans: Vanilla Planifrons.
2. What is the more popular name of shoe flower ?
Ans: China rose.
3. Hemp is the source of which narcotic drug?
Ans: Marijuana.
4. Which biologist proposed a five-kingdom arrangement of organisms,instead of the old two-kingdom grouping?
Ans: Whittaker. the five kingdom are : Monera, protista,plantae, Fungi and Animalia.
5. Which plant is considered most dangerous stingers?
Ans: Tree Nettle ;found in New zealand.
6. Which plant has the highest chlorophyll content?
Ans: Algae kirin Chlorella M-207A7.
7. Which is the largest cork tree?
Ans: "Whistler Tree"in the Alentejo region of portugal.
8. Which plant produces smallest fruit?
Ans: Floating duckweed .
9. Which is the world,s largest flower?
Ans: Rafflesia palm, of the Mascarene Islands in the Indiab Ocean and the Amazonian bamboo palm of south America and africa.
10. Which plant has the largest leaf?
Ans: The "corpse flower"
11. Which Indian plant grows at the highest altitude?
Ans: Ermania himalayensis.
12. Where Carnation, the garden plants are mainly grown?
Ans: Great Britain.
13. Which is the national flower of Japan?
Ans: Chrysanthemum.
14. Name the tree native to the Andes, whose bark is the source of the drug quinine.
Ans: Cinchona.
15. Name the seedless vascular plant, which is called "walking fern"?
Ans: Adiantum.

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