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A Historical journal

1.Who was the Indian ruler to organised Haj pilgrimage at the expense of the state?
2.What is the significance of the year 1924 in the parliamentary history of Great Britain?
Ans: The first labour ministry under MacDonald was installed in Britain. 
3. Alaska was sold to the United states in 1867 by which country?
4. Who were the founding fathers of the Non-Aligned Movement?
Ans: Nehru, Nasser and Tito.
5. Whom did the British defeat in the Battle of Wandiwash in India?
Ans: The French.
6. Under whose leadership,Indonesia got Independence from its colonial masters,the Dutch,in 1949.
Ans: Dr. Sukarno.
7. What is the Significance of 15 June,1215 in the world history?
Ans: Signing of the Magna Carta.
8. Which civilization is known as classical civilization?
Ans: The Greek and the Roman.
9. Who ruled over Peru and Chile before the Spanish conquest?
Ans: The Incas.
10. Which old religion of japan emphasized the worship of the forces of nature?
Ans: The Shintoism.
11. The world's first nationwide green party was formed in which country?
Ans: New Zealand.
12. Which was probably the first Hindu empire in the South-East Asia?
Ans: Sri Vijaya.
13. Which khilji king was first to introduce price control system in India?
Ans: Ala-ud-din khiliji.
14. The Industrial Revolution first stared in?
Ans: England.
15. Which half man-half horse character in Greek mythology appears in the Air-India's emblem?
Ans: Centaur.


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